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6 Tools in Google Docs To Help Write (and Grade) Term Papers

Posted by Arey Jones on Mar 5, 2018 11:48:08 AM

We’re in the throws of March Madness, and productivity across American businesses--and classrooms--is taking a nosedive. (Research shows that employers lose an estimated $4 billion in revenue due to the paid time lost in managing brackets, discussing team matchups, and watching games.)

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Show Your Chromebook Some Love

Posted by Arey Jones on Feb 9, 2018 9:23:35 AM

Your Chromebook was built to last, and so is your friendship with it, especially if you take this tried-and-true advice from Arey Jones, your technology relationship expert.

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Topics: Chromebooks, Technology In The Classroom, Chromebooks In Schools

Setting SMART Goals For Your Classroom

Posted by Arey Jones on Jan 12, 2018 11:01:29 AM

While the New Year for the rest of the country started on January first, most teachers would agree their “new year” started last fall--and so did all of their goals for the school year. That said, January is the perfect time to review those goals, establish new parameters, and determine if they need to be adjusted.  

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Topics: Classroom Technology, Technology In The Classroom, Chromebooks In Schools, Google Docs, Google Drive, Learn By Doing, Google Classroom, Classroom Organization, SMART Goals

5 Ways to Strike the Right Keys (And Keyboard Shortcuts) This Semester

Posted by Arey Jones on Jan 5, 2018 9:33:42 AM

While we wish life outside technology offered this sort of efficiency, it’s nice to know that these quick keys are there when we need them. They won’t solve all of your woes this semester, but they may create a little more time to make them easier to handle.

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Topics: Chromebooks, Keyboard Shortcuts, 21st Century School Technology, Academic Technology, Chromebooks In Schools, Microsoft Education

How The New Generation Of Chromebooks Are Upgrading Classroom Technology

Posted by Arey Jones on Aug 22, 2017 1:40:41 PM

Theres a reason Chromebooks are the #1 best selling device in schools in the United States, and why more than 20 million students worldwide are turning them on each day. 

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Topics: Chromebooks, Classroom Technology, Chromebooks In Schools

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