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Greener Pastures: The Dawn of the Paperless Classroom

Posted by Arey Jones on Mar 19, 2018 10:27:19 AM

I picked up my son’s backpack the other day, and the weight of it astounded me.

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Topics: Chromebooks, Classroom Technology, Educational Technology, 21st Century School Technology, Technology In The Classroom, Chromebooks In Schools, Healthy Students, Classroom Organization, Paperless Classroom

5 Easy Tips For Cleaning Devices In Classrooms

Posted by Arey Jones on Oct 24, 2017 2:44:12 PM

Tablets, laptops, smart boards, and digital cameras are just a few ways technology is connecting kids to the world, each other, and a new way of learning. And, especially this time of year, it is also connecting them to something a little more unexpected: germs.

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Topics: Academic Technology, Healthy Students

Fighting Fatigue: How To Prevent School Sleepiness

Posted by Arey Jones on Sep 22, 2017 4:21:41 PM

Exhaustion. Burnout. Stress. From Kindergarten to college, every student has been there. Whether your student is fighting a growth spurt, school sleepiness, or academic fatigue, there are ways you can help keep them awake and alert in the classroom.

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Topics: Fighting Fatigue, Preventing School Sleepiness, Healthy Students

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