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The Ten Best Apps for Education

Posted by Arey Jones on Aug 13, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Among the challenges of the 2020-2021 academic school year will undoubtedly be the need for teachers to implement creative forms of instruction. Luckily, the technological world is brimming with interesting and effective resources. Below are ten of the best, most effective educational apps; there’s something for every age and every subject.

  • Google Classroom is one element of Google’s G Suite for Education. It provides teachers with an easy to use and very well organized forum, and students enjoy the ability to easily view and access assignments and other resources. Discussion forums and teacher-student messages provides an opportunity for collaboration or extra help.

  • Let little ones learn through play with Kids Academy app. The app, created by experts in early education, is aimed at children pre-K to third grade. The features include handpicked interactive activities, plenty of entertaining game-like lessons, and weekly performance reports.

  • Khan Academy is a robust, free, personalized learning resource for students between Grades 3-12. The engaging instructional videos and practice exercises allows students to study at their own pace. In addition to test preparation (such as SAT, Praxis, and even the LSAT), subjects include math, science, computing, history, and art history.

  • Designed to strengthen communication and connection, Edmodo’s learning app helps teachers reach their students while achieving better educational outcomes. Parents are also able to create accounts, giving them the opportunity to check on their child’s assignments, grades, and calendars.  

  • The preschool curriculum by ABCmouse focuses on skills in Reading, Math, and a Social Studies and Science combination called World Around Us. Each game or interactive activity is intended to strengthen knowledge and understanding of basics, such as sounds, numbers, shapes, and alphabet. Parents and kids love the fun that ABCmouse has to offer.

  • ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard is perfect for teachers who may be instructing remotely or with a hybrid model in this upcoming school year. It allows teachers (and students) to create presentations and share them- either individually or to an audience. In the presentation, the user can record helpful voiceover, making it simple for students to follow along.

  • Nearpod lets teachers design interactive lesson plans, presentations, and assessments. The lessons themselves are composed of slides, which the teacher creates; these can include text, video, websites, polls, and other features. This gives students the option of using their own devices on their own time, or teachers can lead a synchronized session in real time. This app is ideal for middle or high school students.

  • Quizlet offers 21st century students a modern way to study. Choose an existing Quizlet, or you can create your own to perfectly fit the content. Kids can compete for high scores and play study games. It’s a great way to encourage collaboration at a distance.

  • Introduce your students to another world with NASA App. They’ll navigate the universe through photos, videos, live feeds, and unlimited text information. Whether the topic is Mars, the International Space Station, or Black Holes, young astronomers are sure to find what they’re looking for.

  • Duolingo is a highly rated English language app for beginners. It’s friendly and gamified, giving users a fun and non-intimidating setting for learning a new language. The lessons are twenty minutes long, and are created around a topic and seven related vocabulary words.

Which apps do you love to use with your students? Leave us a comment below.

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