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The Digital Classroom: No Paper, No Pencil, No Problem.

Posted by Arey Jones on Apr 12, 2017 8:37:10 AM

The Digital Classroom With G Suite

Classrooms are steadily moving into the future where the need for paper and pencil is increasingly waning.  With a tablet and stylus, a child can not only accomplish more, but they can work faster with less headache for themselves, their parents, and their teachers. 

The addition of internet into classrooms combined with the evolution of affordable electronic learning solutions is revolutionizing the way children learn and is escorting in the age of the digital classroom. 

There is a streamline in the education process that comes with the addition of tablet and stylus. Textbooks can be accessed through apps and internet browsers on their tablets, relinquishing the need for lugging around a backpack filled with pounds of textbooks.  With a tablet, a stylus can be set to work as a crayon, marker, highlighter, pen, pencil, paintbrush, etc.  A student’s activity can be tracked in real time and submitted from anywhere they have internet access.  The professional world is also becoming increasingly digital, so students are getting real world experience working with these tools and internet based solutions. 

Parents also benefit from internet education solutions, like Google’s G Suite for Education.  With cloud based learning solutions, all you need is your child’s login information or an email invitation to check on your child’s progress and help them with homework.  Whether in the office, on the road, or in a hotel, parents can video chat and screen share to go over homework with their child who is just a click away.

Another benefit of tablets in schools is for teachers. Teachers can upload correct answers of assignments and grade papers at the click of a button.  Not only is it quicker to grade, but the teacher doesn’t need to bring home hundreds of paper assignments to grade each one individually.  Schools are able to cut the costs of textbooks and library purchases by giving students access to a digital library via their personal tablets. 

A tablet and stylus can realistically solve nearly every problem a student encounters.  Tablets have become more and more powerful internally and durable externally--capable of word processing like a computer and strong enough to last more than just one school year.  Styluses have become sophisticated and so receptive that they work just as quickly as pen and paper with all of the same realistic nuances.  With a tablet, stylus, and internet connection, every student now has the ability to hold their entire education in the palm of their hand.

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