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The Device to Upgrade in 2020

Posted by Arey Jones on Feb 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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The beginning of a calendar year means that it’s time for out with the old and in with the new. In the educational and business worlds, the adage applies to the ongoing need to assess the efficacy of technologies. Although most quality devices are designed to last for several years, it’s still prudent to evaluate how well they are meeting the user’s needs. 

For teachers, middle-of-the-year technological changes (especially to their own device) can be difficult to integrate. When the year is in full swing, lesson planning and grading take precedence over navigating a new gadget. Because of this, it’s best to consider implementing the upgrades at the close of the school year. Summer will provide some time to become familiar with the upgraded technology, allowing for comfort and confidence in the new device just in time for school to begin.  

As you’re looking ahead and preparing for the upcoming year, take stock in the efficacy of your computer. If it’s not meeting the needs of yourself or your staff, here is the upgrade we recommend for 2020. 

The Elite Desk 705 is the latest and greatest desktop model from HP’s Z Lineup. Its lag-free performance allows for more productivity in shorter time. And just like teachers, the Elite Desk 705’s strength is multitasking. Windows 10 Pro3 with advanced security, collaboration, and connectivity helps the user effortlessly power through the day. 

With students’ interests in mind, itmultifaceted capabilities are designed to handle the best STEM software including SolidWorks, AutoDesk AutoCAD, and AutoDesk REVIT. And with the potential to expand to more bays and slots, it’s the perfect investment that will meet the needs of the upcoming decade. 

Discover more about the Elite Desk 705 and the entire Z by HP Lineup here. 

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