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Stay On Top Of Software Trends

Posted by Arey Jones on Aug 15, 2018 3:30:00 PM

Stay On Top Of Software Trends

Educational technology changes so fast that it is essential to stay “in the know.” One of the ways to do this is to subscribe to an educational video series. Video series are popular with viewers for a variety of reasons – most of the content can be consumed in short bursts, they are usually free and can be viewed on your own time. You can find these series on YouTube or linked into a providers webpage. There are a lot of great video series out there, but here’s a couple we recommend that will keep you up-to-date on everything ed tech.

What’s New In EDU

This video series from Microsoft Education talks all things technology and education. It is the best place to hear announcements, like the annual Bett show, plus learn about the latest Microsoft products and how to use them. Want to learn more about new Microsoft 365 free lifetime device licenses? What about new affordable Windows 10 devices for the classroom starting at $189? What’s New In EDU has all that information and more. Each episode runs about seven minutes but What’s New In EDU also offers a rundown of the show in the notes, in case busy educators don’t have time to watch. Use #MicrosoftEDU to find it on Twitter.


EDU In 90

EDU in 90 is a video series from Google for Education. It runs new episodes three times a month and each covers important topics for educators and administrators, like product updates, new programs and resources for the classroom. Want some quick tips about Google Team Drives and how to use it for your educators? Do you want to know more about Google Expeditions? You can find these topics and any more at EDU in 90. And, contrary to its name, each video is about two to three minutes long. Subscribe to EDU in 90 from the Google for Education YouTube Channel, and follow along the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #EDUin90.


EdTechTeam’s LIVE Webinars

EdTechTeam is a global network of educational technologists. Its core team works with more than 250 contractors worldwide to provide the best in professional developments, online learning, books, Apple Professional Learning and more. The website features LIVE webinars, plus archived webinars. Topics covered include “Chromebooks for Tools for Creativity,” “Innovative Strategies for Teaching Science” and “Ok Google, How Safe is My Data.” These webinars run a little longer than the others, at about an hour.


Is there a video series you can’t live without? Tell us about it!


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