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K-12 Blueprint Faces Privacy And Security Challenges Head On

Posted by Arey Jones on May 25, 2017 10:23:23 AM

K-12 Blueprint Faces Privacy And Security Challenges Head On

One of the most important factors in making educational technology more accessible is making sure it remains in a safe and secure environment at all time. Protecting student, administrative, and institutional data is an important concern and one that organizations like K-12 Blueprint take seriously.

With almost 20 informational presentations and programs, K-12 Blueprint guides teachers and educational leaders in protecting student and institutional information. Measures like “need to know” access and secure student profiles are addressing the privacy and security issues head-on.

“A breach of a school’s student information system raises massive privacy concerns, but it starts as a security breach,” said Bob Moore in his Analyst Report for K-12 Blueprint. “Ensuring security of data does not ensure privacy, but without effective security measures, there can be no expectation of privacy.”

Fortunately, K-12 Blueprint believes security is a top priority for education technology and has designed a security and privacy toolkit to address threats and concerns before they emerge. From device to data and third-party apps, K-12 Blueprint offers detailed plans for addressing third party advertisement vendors, mobile device student privacy terms, and how to create a healthy metadata environment for parents, teachers, and schools.

We believe technology should always enhance a classroom, not distract from it. When you need an integrated technology architecture that works seamlessly with your classroom, school, and district goals, we at Arey Jones can help you design a solution that works.


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