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10 Best Features Of Windows 10

Posted by Arey Jones on Mar 23, 2017 8:15:17 AM

10 Best Features of Windows 10 Arey Jones blog.png

Here at Arey Jones our goal is technology integration in the classroom. From programs to tablets, we believe a classroom that works through technology is guaranteed to succeed. One of our top programs is Windows 10—the easy to use, easy to access, desktop software from Windows. We've given the 10 best classroom features of Windows 10 to showcase its versatile and beneficial uses in educational institutions. You can’t argue, Windows 10 is tops.

  1. Designed For All Learning Styles

Windows 10 provides multiple opportunities for learning. Now students of all learning types can successfully participate in the classroom with pen, touch, gesture, and voice. Whatever their preference, Windows 10 can accommodate.

  1. Put It In Writing

Windows 10 is not just a mouse-click program. Windows 10 offers students the ability of hands on ink-writing learning. Proven more beneficial for students, Windows 10 increases knowledge capacity with just the touch of a stylus.

  1. Compatibility

No longer will students with learning disabilities be behind in classroom learning. Windows 10 is compatible with a wide variety of assistive technology ensuring teachers can creative the most inclusive classroom environment.

  1. Safety First

Windows 10 is the safest Windows program yet. With student identity and password settings, malware protection, and data protection, teachers and students can focus strictly on education and not student cyber protection.

  1. Collaborative Learning

Afraid technology will mean disconnect between student and teacher? Not with Windows 10 compatibility capabilities. Now student and Teacher can work from the same documents providing that hands-on classroom environment from the screen.

  1. Expansive Platform

Windows 10 is a smart investment. Windows can expand to multiple grades with a choice of styles and form factors.

  1. Classroom Compatibility

Windows 10 is also compatible with the widest variety of classroom connected devices. Everything in the classroom can work seamlessly together to create ultimate educational success.

  1. Multi-Tasking Made Easy

Multitasking is in Windows’ nature. Windows 10 can help students and teachers accomplish goals faster and more efficiently with features like Snap Assist, virtual desktops, and Task View.

  1. Seamless Transition

Worried about transitioning into Windows 10? Windows 10 provides simplified ways to manage and deploy the program seamlessly.

  1. Wait There’s More!

In addition to Windows 10, Microsoft offers many free products and services specifically offered with the purchase of Windows 10.

Have more questions about Windows 10 or any other Microsoft product? Contact us.

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